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NovaLash Lash Extensions Detroit Michigan


How are American Volume lashes different?

American Volume technique allows up to 8 extensions per individual lash, adding up to 600 lashes per eye! NovaLash American Volume lash extensions are lighter, last longer, and add a thickness and fluffiness that cannot be achieved with standard individual lash extensions. Lashonistas at the Lash & Brow Studio are loving these lush lashes!


What are semi-permanent eyelash extensions?
Individual, synthetic lash extensions are bonded with (medically-safe, award-winning, NovaLash Platinum Bond Adhesive) to your natural lashes to create a full, natural, long-lasting look.


Will lash extensions harm my natural lashes?
No, because an eyelash only lives for 30 to 60 days there is no opportunity for lash damage. When your natural lashes gradually shed the extensions will simply fall out with them. It is important to remember to avoid salons that use stacking or bridging techniques as these methods can put tension on hair follicles and cause damage to future hair growth.


What can I expect at my first lash appointment?

The first full set of lash extensions is a 2 hour appointment.  It is painless, relaxing, and many people often fall asleep or engage in such interesting conversation that the 2 hours will be over before you know it!  


I have a trip or special event that I would like to get lashes for... How soon in advance should I schedule my first appointment?

Appointments at the studio book up quickly, so in order to schedule your full set it is advised to book at least 2-3 weeks in advance!


How often do I need a touch-up?
Because your natural eyelashes shed every 30 to 60 days, we recommend you will need a touch-up every 3 to 4 weeks.  Touch-up appointments last 1 hour.


Can I wear mascara?
NovaLash's glycol-free mascara can be used between touch-ups as the extensions begin to shed. However we can guarantee you will leave the studio vowing never to wear mascara again!


Do I need an appointment?
Yes! The studio is by appointment only. Please call or text 586.295.7976 to schedule your appointment!


What is a full set of lashes?
A full set of lashes simply means that we will be covering every lash on your upper lash line only.  This intial appointment is two hours in itself.


Can lash extensions be applied to lower lashes?
Lower lashes are a look that is great for a wedding or event. They must be done using the sensitive adhesive, which is fume-free, since your eyes are open for this application. Therefore, they will last you about a week, which is not as long as to the 3-4 weeks that you can get out of your upper lashes! The appointment time for this is 30 minutes in addition to any upper lash appointment time.


Where are you located?
We are located near downtown Royal Oak just east of Main Street and south of Lincoln Avenue, complete with convenient parking!

I workout, swim and do hot yoga, will my lashes be ok for this?
Yes, you can workout, swim and do hot yoga with your lash extensions on!  That is the beauty of NovaLash.

Does it matter what eye makeup remover I use?
Yes, you will want to use NovaLash CleanLash Pads to remove eye makeup, cleanse and condition your lash extensions.  They come included in your After-Care Kit at your first appt!  

I wear contacts. Can I still get lash extensions?
Yes! Since NovaLash lash extensions are not glued to your eyelid they will not conflict or interfere with your contacts or normal daily activities.


Why NovaLash?

  • Provides the safest, most effective products including the award winning Platinum Bond Adhesive

  • Voted as Best Eyelash Extension company for Beauty Launchpad’s Readers Choice Award in 2010

  • Voted as Best Eyelash Extension company for American Spa’s Professional Choice Awards in 2010

  • Offers the only physician developed training course with the nation’s leading lash professionals

  • Offers a beautiful line of cosmetics developed specifically for lash extensions

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